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Cavi-Jet Technology
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"The job accomplished by the Limpieza Purotecnica S.A. Company, had demonstrated efficiency and excellence of its CAVI-JET CAVITATIOINAL TECHNOLOGY AND EQUIPMENT… Company’s Cavi-Jet devices differ from the traditional ways of cleaning by a very high productive capacity, easiness to operate and service, and also by complete environmental safety and high quality…”

OASIS Ship Management L.L.C., UAE

" We used the Cavi-Jet systems and found the equipment to be extremely effective against hard and thick fouling as well as environmentally friendly. This equipment is extremely effective in cleaning hard-to-get places, as well as huge flat surfaces."

Willarden Corp., USA

"Hereby, we confirm that after the testing of the underwater Cavi-Jet Cleaning Equipment, presented by Limpieza Purotecnica S.A. ... we found the equipment very efficient, fast working and reliable."

Alldive Ltd., Malta

* Full references are available on request

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