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Cavi-Jet Technology
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Cavi-Jet Technology Traditional cleaning technologies Advantages
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Underwater cleaning and  cutting

CAVI-JET SYSTEMS’ COMPLEXES AND DEVICES’ using efficiency differs principally and profitably from traditional cleaning technologies, and innovations of the CAVI-JET EQUIPMENT allows achieving excellent results both in cleaning speed and quality, and in its application areas.

  • Highly productive – more than 1,500 sq.m. an hour - cleaning of the large area flat surfaces, different destination, material and shape
  • high-speed and high-quality vessels’ hulls cleaning beyond the docks
  • quick cleaning possibility – cleaning of more than 500 sq.m curvilinear and hard-to-come surfaces an hour marine propellers, rudders, vanes, stabilizers, strengthening ribs and Kingston lattices of the vessels, diversion collectors, pipelines, waterworks’, bridges’ and gas & oil recovering platforms and rigs’
  • high-quality and high-speed cleaning of adversely contaminated surfaces and surfaces with the hard fouling of any composition and thickness
  • complete environmental friendliness of the cleaning processes and mechanisms
  • no injury risks and safety for the divers
  • keeping undamaged varnish & paint anti - fouling and anti - corrosive coating on the surfaces treated
  • no need to replace the tools and consumable materials in run of cleaning works
  • operable continuously and around-the-clock
  • easy to operate – no special training for the workers and divers required
  • ergonomics and small weight of the cleaning devices and installations
  • mobility of the equipment complexes/sets, which may be located in a trailer, in the bodywork, or on a carrying ship
  • characteristics remain unchangeable when cleaning surfaces of different materials like metal aluminum alloys, plastic, wood, cement concrete, glass etc.
  • transposability and multifunctionality of the basic equipment components – underwater, over-water cleaning, rough cleaning, fine cleaning, sanding, polishing, underwater cutting etc.
  • regulated cleaning modes, rates and speeds/velocities, including cleaning to the “white metal” condition
  • operable both over and under the water in the ports, piers, on the roadstead and in the blue water
  • usable prior the scheduled docking – pre - docking cleaning
  • High operation reliability within the long period of time
  • It is possible to use the standard over-water water supply equipment and pumps (100 to 200 l/min, 100 to 200 bar)
  • It is possible to control in remote manner, including by the preset programs (advanced development)

The newest CAVI-JET TECHNOLOGY and EQUIPMENT being principally different from the existing solutions allow significant increasing the productivity and quality of services provided in the modern market, having at the same time significantly increased their cost-effectiveness.

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New Era in Underwater Cleaning