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Cavi-Jet Technology
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The special CAVI-JET EQUIPMENT, manufactured as hi-tech fire safe CAVI-JET DEVICES, is destined for high-speed and high-quality cleaning of the curvilinear surfaces, cylindrical surfaces of small diameter, and also for cleaning hard-to-get locations and hidden cavities.


Unexcelled advantages of the CAVI–JET SYSTEMS allow achieving extra results when cleaning any offshore oil and gas producing facilities:

  • oil and gas producing and processing platforms;
  • under- and over-water bearing constructions and gas and oil producing drilling derricks’ couplings of any shape
  • shelf and deepwater laid oil and gas ducts
  • exploration, prospecting and drilling stations
  • other specialized platforms and mobile servicing facilities

Cavi-jet generator being installed in all the CAVI-JET EQUIPMENT TYPES, allows removing marine-growth being more than 30 cm long, and its high error-free running time allows operating it around-the-clock .


Video/Photo Demonstration
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New Era in Underwater Cleaning